St. Margaret Mary School
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Faculty and Staff


School Office  502-426-2635 or

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Principal Mrs. Wendy Sims
Asst Principal Mrs. Lacy Moore 
Resource Mrs. Sherry Baird
Resource Mrs. Allison Moore
Counselor Mrs. Brenda Clark
Office Manager Mrs. Carla Barber
Communications Dir. Mrs. Angela Springer
Secretary Mrs. Amy Hammer
Secretary Mrs. Sandy McGill
Secretary Mrs. Kathy Wirtzburger
8C Mrs. Charlotte Colley
8S Mrs. Susan Carlin
8V Miss Sarah Voit
7G Mrs. Pat Garr
7S Mrs. Lisa Stiff
7B Mr. Brian Stephenson
6A Mrs. Natalie Androla
6S Mrs. Martha Stout
6V Mrs. Barb Voet
6Z Mrs. Debbie Zangari
5F Mrs. Shelly Freeders
5G Mrs. Andrea Gohmann
5P Mrs. Lisa Priest
4G Miss Laura Gilman
4R Mrs. Cathy Rueff
4M Miss Emily Mills
3G Mrs. Carolyn Gnau
3J Mrs. Jenny Schulten
3S Mrs. Michelle Stull
2H Miss Melanie Hagan
2J Mrs. Jennifer Hawkins
2L Ms. Janelle Lim
1C Ms. Tina Chaput
1D Mrs. Julie Domzalski
1N Mrs. Nikki Cox
KM Miss Cassie Martin
KO Mrs. Mary Owen
KW Miss Allie Wibbels
JKL Mrs. Donna Laemmle
JKW Miss Ashley Wheatley
Counselor Mrs. Angie McKune
Art Mrs. Amy Burch
Computer Mrs. DeeDee Walsh
Library Mrs. Laura Wicke
Music Mrs. Brenda Harrison
Music/Drama Mrs. Angela Moth
PE Mrs. Dawn Hanke
PE Mrs. Lisa Iceman
Spanish Mrs. Susan Delk
Spanish Mrs. Katia Saunders
Reading Lab Mrs. Jan Wilmes             
Instructional Asst. Mrs. Patricia Caudill (JKL)
Instructional Asst.  Mrs. Vickie Green (JKW)
Instructional Asst. Mrs. Jude Bauer (KM)
Instructional Asst. Mrs. Amy Beard (KO)
Instructional Asst. Mrs. Kathy Donlon (KW)
Instructional Asst. Mrs. Ann Thornberry (1C)
Instructional Asst. Mrs. Denise Bayens (1D)
Instructional Asst. Mrs. Karen Krill (1N)
Instructional Asst. Mrs. Mary Gilroy (2H)
Instructional Asst. Ms. Missie Kitchen (2J - Mondays)
Instructional Asst. Mrs. Beth Rafferty (2J - Tu-Fr)
Instructional Asst. Mrs. Ann Varga (2L)
Instructional Asst. Mrs. Audra Rich (3G)
Instructional Asst. Mrs.Melissa Wheatley (3J)
Instructional Asst. Mrs. Sharon Duff (3S)
Instructional Asst. Mrs. Carrie Woodruff (6th grade)
Instructional Asst. Mrs. Susan Andriot (Jr. High)
Instructional Asst. Mrs. Selma Petrovic (Art & Computer)



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